Telescope Participation FAQ Telescope Participation FAQ

Q: How can I participate in GLORIA?

A: GLORIA is a network of offline and online experiments. If you own a robotic telescope or a data archive, you may become a part of the network.

Q: Can my telescope be a part of GLORIA network?
A: Yes, as long as it is robotic (i.e. can be remotely controlled), and you are willing to share some fraction of its time.

Q: What will I get from GLORIA when I participate?
A: Observing time on other telescopes:
- The network probably includes instruments more powerful than your own.
- It has instruments at longitudes/latitudes that are unavailable to you directly.
- When bad weather prevents you observing with your own instrument.

Q: Can I make money with GLORIA?
A: The system was not designed for profit, so making money directly is unlikely. However, there is no anticommerce clause in the GLORIA agreement, so using GLORIA as a tool in education (for a fee) is not in any way prohibited.

Q: What do I need to install to my computer in order to be part of the GLORIA network?
A: You need an observatory manager that supports GLORIA. Currently only RTS2 does this (it is the GLORIA reference implementation), but the GLORIA interface is carefully designed to be independent of the observatory manager. It is meant to be adaptable to any reasonably comprehensive observatory manager, and GLORIA developers are interested in broadening the platform support.